What is cholesterol ?


Cholesterol is a fat, 1/3 of which comes from diet, and 2/3 of which comes from our body, made mainly by the liver.

  • “Good cholesterol” or HDL Cholesterol :

This is transported from the cells to the liver, by HDL lipoproteins.
These HDL-c do not deposit cholesterol in the arteries, but instead recover excess cholesterol and eliminate it.

This is what’s known as “good cholesterol”

  • “Bad cholesterol” or LDL Cholesterol :

This is transported from the liver to other cells in the body by LDL lipoproteins.
These LDL-c may however deposit cholesterol, which can then build up in our arteries.
This is what’s known as “bad cholesterol”

LDL-c plays a key role in the development and progression of cardiovascular disease.