CHOlesterol Personalized INnovation (CHOPIN) : improves treatment for hypercholesterolemia

The CHOPIN project strategy revolves around 5 work packages, one work package focused on the coordination and operational monitoring of the project (WP1) and 4 work packages dedicated to the scientific aspects of CHOPIN (WP2-WP5).

  1. Project coordination.
  2. Highlighting the new roles of PCSK9.
  3. Identification of new cardiovascular protection factors in familial hypercholesterolemia.
  4. Assessment of long-term consequences of low LDL levels.
  5. Identification of new genetic targets in the metabolism of LDL.

To attain these objectives CHOPIN being supported in its work by the French register of familial hypercholesterolemia and by 8 French University Hospitals, who are helping to put together 4 patient cohorts with extreme levels of LDL-cholesterol. 

Once these cohorts are in place and biological samples have been collected, we will be able to :

  • Identify new cholesterol metabolism genes, thanks to next generation genome sequencing
  • Identify new cardiovascular risk markers, thanks to lipidomics and metabolomics platforms.

The therapeutic targets identified will then be validated using an innovative cellular model: human hepatocytes obtained from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells).

Finally, new treatment drugs will be developed on a dedicated expert platform.