Project team

The CHOPIN (CHolesterol Personalized Innovation) project team is made up of project managers with specific skills in translational research, clinical research and in partnerships and promotion, under the leadership of the project coordinator.

The team is specifically dedicated to project monitoring and intervenes in organisational as well as scientific and technical aspects.


The translational project manager, is in charge of the project’s scientific monitoring and translational research aspects. He carries out operational monitoring of clinical trials jointly with the Nantes University Hospital’s promotion and investigation departments.

The project manager, ensures operational monitoring for the project as a whole. She is responsible for organisational aspects, moderation and acts as an intermediary between the Nantes University Hospital’s management department and its partners for budgetary issues.

The promotion officer serves as a link between partners and the Nantes University Hospital’s legal unit.



Equipe projet CHOPIN


The CHOPIN project team. From left to right : Matthieu Pichelin, Séverine Abramatic, Bertrand Cariou and Karine Cavaillès


A propos du projet